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Woods Hole Pottery

Ann Newbury
Box 724
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Phone: 508-548-1428
I began potting in 1970 in Hawaii where I had the advantage of learning from both graduate students and masters at the University of Hawaii. We had a freelance cooperative studio where everyone was expected to contribute to the running of the studio, mixing clays, glazes, firing the 36 cubic foot oil drip kiln and generally pitching in wherever and whenever needed. I was never a registered student but I observed, asked questions and got a lot of experience in all aspects of making pottery and running a studio business. Eventually I set up my own studio at my home in back valley Palolo, mixing raising a child with producing useable pottery for our own home.
This time of experimenting with what worked and what did not set me on a path of appreciating both the functional aspect of pottery and the joy of using beautiful things every day.
When I returned to the east in 1974, I began my own studio for a second time. Again, function and beauty were my focus along with a new interest in working out design aspects that increased the utility of my work. I no longer had the joy of working with a gas fired kiln so I spent a considerable amount of time working out a clay formula that was unique to me and that allowed my stoneware firing in electric to take on some of the aesthetic qualities of stoneware fired by gas. I was successful.
I also worked on my glaze formulas to create lots of color, smooth surfaces on utility ware and fun matte surfaces for outer edges. This also allows the food surfaces to clean easily and the outer matte surface makes the pot less slippery in the soapy water.
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Newbury Pottery
Box 724
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Woods Hole Pottery